About us public-notices.co.nz & alcoholnotices.co.nz

Public Notices Limited has been managing alcohol licence public notices since March 2004.  From 2011 to July 2014 we placed Real Estate licence notices also, until they were no longer a licensee requirement by the REAA.

Public Notices Ltd was started as an alternative cheaper option for licence applicants to utilise rather than that of going directly to the newspapers (legislation required applicants to publish their notices in the newspapers, giving them only this option at the time). When we looked at the cost newspapers were charging we saw an opportunity to utilise the internet to significantly reduce this cost.

Over the last 10 years we have saved the alcohol industry millions of dollars in compliance costs through our public notice services.  We will continue to offer these services and will always be reviewing ways to further reduce these costs for our customers.

We appreciate you using our service and please feel free to contact us with any question. Contact us here

Kind regards
Jason Carswell
Public Notices Ltd